You may Study Engineering With Your Grade 9 Certificate At False Bay TVET College

You may Study Engineering With Your Grade 9 Certificate At False Bay TVET College

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The schooling landscape is evolving, and False Bay TVET College is within the forefront, recognizing that the traditional school model isn't the only productive means of studying. Their NCV programmes are intended for college students who would like to commence their journey towards a satisfying occupation early on. had a chat with the Head of Section for Engineering Studies at False Bay College, regarding their different courses.

False Bay's Engineering NCV programmes are offered at two campuses: Westlake Campus and Khayelitsha Campus. These Engineering programmes are for a three-yr length.
NCV Engineering Programs Provided At False Bay TVET College

Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Fitting and Turning
Motor Mechanics

NCV Engineering Course Entry Requirements

These classes start off at NCV level two and the minimum prerequisite would then be Grade nine certificate with a pass in Arithmetic.

At the time the student finishes NCVLevel two, they'd then have attained a grade 10 certification. NCV Level 3 would be grade 11 and NCV Level four is grade 12.

NCV Level 4 is at the exit level, becoming comparable to a Countrywide Senior Certificate (NSC).

Grade 9 is on NQF level one. Our NCV programmes start NCV stage 2 which is equivalent to an NQF level two.

On which sort of students are fitted to these programmes, they say NCV engineering that the world is acknowledging click here that classic schooling is not really automatically the only technique for getting an artisan or starting to be competent therefore if a student knows from an early age what their passions are, the NCV website programme is definitely completely fitted to that student.

False Bay TVET College will assist the student to become qualified in his field of interest. Students who want to become entrepreneurs will also have access to their Centre of Entrepreneurship on the Westlake Campus.

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